M.Sc in Digital Society

Recognizing the socio-economic potential of ICTs, and the increasing need to train professionals in harnessing this potential, IIIT-Bangalore offers a unique and innovative two-year Masters of Science Program in unpacking the dynamics of Digital Society. This interdisciplinary program will bring together diverse disciplines such as social sciences, humanities and the IT industry. Through this course, we aim to create a group of professionals who will: :

  • Contribute to the design, development and deployment of digital technologies for diverse social groups.
  • Provide and manage solutions that address persistent developmental challenges in domains such as education, governance, and health.
  • Engage in policy making and in advocacy for deploying digital technologies.
  • Enrich interdisciplinary research on the digital society.

Course Specifications

The course includes subjects which enable you to understand ICT and its deployment from multiple angles:

Interface design encourages you to think about designing technology for a diverse population. It enlists your brain to think about different types of users who interact with your design. It also aims to promote intuitive designing.Tracing artifacts back in time allows us to think about how, when and where the idea originated from. It creates the scope for examining how the artifact came to be what it is today. The digital divide has a large amount of scope for research.

To help students pursue this, we incorporate qualitative and quantitative research methodologies into the curriculum. Examining technology and understanding it from different standpoints is necessary to understanding the digital divide. There are courses which help you understand the policy implications of ICT. This course also provides you with the understanding of large scale digital systems. This allows students to understand how Request for Proposals for large scale projects come into being. There are a wide array of electives offered which allows students to dwell deeper into different areas like research, smart city solution deployments and product design.